The Hiatus Ends

Guys, my writing hiatus is finally over… Sort of.

The time I haven’t spent blogging and reviewing has been spent well, I assure you. If you are close to me, then you will be aware that I finished up “Breaking Bad” about a month ago. You can definitely expect my closing thoughts on the show this week. Hey, the “Breaking Bad” Sub-Reddit has a weekly episode re-watch and if you have withdrawals, you should check it out.

I also just finished HBO’s “True Detective” (8 episodes) and it’s wonderful. If “Breaking Bad” is crystal meth, then “True Detective” is cocaine… It makes it a little easier to ween off the original drug. “True Detective” is a wonderfully acted show with a plethora of religious themes and tons of semiotics, so we’ll dive into that later this week as well.

Finally, I had the chance to see Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects”. The latter is a bit old, but I have been meaning to see it for a while. The week looks busy, but hopefully we can get a review done soon.

I also just finished a 1st draft on a TV drama spec script that practically dominated the last week and a half of March. This is the life, friends.

This was just a quick update, so be looking forward to a revival of sorts on the blog, moving forward!


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