“Los Pollos Hermanos” or “Why I haven’t been telling you guys about good movies lately”

Nearly a month since my last post here.

I’ve been delightfully busy with plenty of work projects, the redesign of my portfolio site (insert shameless self-promotion: www.chrishecox.com) and many other things.

Despite the abysmal lack of anything worth seeing in theaters over the last few months (minus The Lego Movie, which I still haven’t seen) my attention has been turned towards starting/finishing a few TV series. I will hopefully be writing a short series on AMC’s “Breaking Bad” in the future. I just finished it today, and I’m floored. Next up will be “House of Cards” and the rest of “True Detective”. Somehow I must move on from Mr. White, sigh.

However, the my reviews will be stunted a bit longer, because I am currently in the process of developing and writing a spec screenplay. I am writing on deadline, so therein lies my delay.

Before you go, in light of this blog post’s title, and my next few posts on “Breaking Bad”, please leave your favorite quote from the series.

Mine is from the opening to “Say My Name”. I’m not at liberty to leave that line here, but once the drug kingpin admits Walt’s name is Heisenberg, Mr. White responds in such eloquent fashion. And right you are, Mr. White… Right you are.


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