Shamwow and Welcome to WordPress, Chris!

Well, I secured a long stay out in the far reaches of the internet at a place called While I enjoyed my stay there, I started to realize something: I was blogging without purpose, and blogging seemingly random things. One day it was a song lyric, and then it was a Bible verse, and then it was a movie review, and then it was an essay on gun control, etc.

I started to lose sight as to why I was blogging in the first place. Random thoughts perhaps, but I’d like to dig deeper. I’d like to stay focused and talk about one issue and one issue only. What you ask? Well the only thing that matters in life (please detect the sarcasm there).


Who doesn’t like film? Uncultured people? An argument can be made there for sure, but I hope to pursue a future in filmmaking, and if I truly want to do that, I feel like I need a deeper understanding of film. What better way to grasp a concept than to spend time dissecting it? Now, I know a number of people who believe that spending time digging into film is a waste of time. “No one cares!” they might say. Well, if that’s you, then I’m sorry. Not to be snarky, but you are wrong. Dead wrong in fact. I like ripping apart film and trying to figure out why it works. That makes at least one person who cares.

I started my love for movies many years ago when I used to make movies as a child, using an old camcorder that shot on VHS tapes. I’m dating myself I suppose (I’m only 22, that’s why that joke was funny if you missed it.) I didn’t truly acknowledge my passion for moving pictures until a little over a year ago, when I started discovering the joys of screenwriting. It suddenly clicked for me. I realized that film can have such a huge impact on people, and I began to realize the significance of working in an industry that produces creative storytelling.

Lo and behold, here I am. Freshly graduated from college. I want to do something with my life. Let’s start here.

I’m almost done ranting, but I want to make something clear. The only film critic that I have ever had the utmost amount of respect for is the late Roger Ebert. I simply have never experienced such a connection on a level of film criticism as I have had by reading his reviews. The world of film critique feels completely empty now, and I’ve no idea where to turn. I cannot hope to write reviews at his level at this point in my life, but someday, I would hope to be able to hold highly intellectual conversations about filmmaking, using ever so eloquently designed sentences, and exceptionally carefully crafted phrases that might be close to his tier of discussion. So, I suppose you could say that I am starting this blog in memory of Ebert. I should also mention I’m using stars to denote how wonderful I think a movie is.

That being said, I hope that I can from this moment on in my life, watch a movie, and shortly after, review that movie. I hope to be critical and honest, and if I can elicit a laugh or two, then I’ve done something right. I love seeing new releases in theaters, and I positively love watching films from every genre and era. I greatly welcome feedback, and if you think this is a waste of my time, let me know. I’ll ignore your comment. Furthermore, I would love to talk about movies with anyone who shares the same passion that I do, so feel free to talk back to me with your thoughts.

Thank you for skimming or reading. It’s been a pleasure, and I look forward to beginning our discourse on films and filmmaking.



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